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“Removing a watermark shows malicious theft​”

In this age of social media, easy-access internet and cheap digital imaging, the perceived value of photography has plummeted. This is a sad fact, because there are a lot of very talented photographers out there creating excellent images, often only to have their hard work stolen and misused by other people on websites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. This can only be viewed as it is: as image theft – an infringement on the artist’s copyright. And that sucks, considering how much work can go into a quality photo (see ‘What’s Involved‘ page).

Unless a photographer explicitly signs over his or her copyright to another party (which no photographer should ever do), it remains theirs and theirs alone. The images do not belong to the person in the photo or the owner of the car in the photo. It remains the property of the artist. The photographer may need to seek a person’s permission to use an image of that person for commercial gain, but the image is still the property of the photographer.

You’ll find most photographers are happy to have their work shared around when the people doing the sharing play nice by making sure the artist is given proper credit. Hosking Industries is no different. Image sharing should benefit both parties. Don’t end up like the real estate agent in the Tylor vs Sevin case early in 2014, where the agent had to pay almost $25,000 in damages for the use of one image! As such, all images on this website and any related social media and image-sharing platforms (including FacebookInstagram and Flickr) remain the sole property of Ben Hosking and Hosking Industries. All our images are watermarked to try and dissuade copyright infringers. It doesn’t always work. We take no issue with ‘fair use’ of our photos, so long as proper attribution is given, naming the photographer (Ben Hosking/Hosking Industries) and linking back to our website. Failure to do so is an infringement on our copyright. Removing a watermark shows malicious intent.

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