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I’ve been writing copy for publication since the mid-1990s (yeah, I’m old). I started writing for long-defunct Newcastle music street press concretepress before starting my own music ‘zine called 27twelve. This ran for a few years before I packed up and moved to Sydney to find paying work.

After a few years in the wilderness of call centre hell, I started working as a feature writer for Street Commodores magazine, published by Express Publications. I ended up working at Express for seven years, becoming editor of Street Commodores and eventually publisher of the Performance Motoring division in the process.

Since starting Hosking Industries in early 2010, I’ve supplied written content to publications and websites around the world across a wide range of topics.


From document set up to management interviews, website copy and news items to advertising and editing your existing copy; I can handle anything your business needs to get your message to your customers. Contact me today to discuss your next project.

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