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Do you own, or know of someone with a cool car or bike that you think should be featured in a magazine? Here’s how to make it happen:

Hosking Industries works with over 50 magazine titles here and overseas. I’m constantly talking to magazine editors about potential feature cars and bikes and we’re constantly looking for more cars and bikes to shoot.

If you’d like your vehicle (or a friend’s) considered for a feature, simply email me with the following information –

  • Name
  • Make/Model
  • Primary modifications or points of interest
  • Power/ET
  • Location
  • + include four or five clear images of the vehicle showing the outside front, back, interior, engine bay and anything else you think is of interest.

Get this info together and EMAIL ME. I’ll check it out and put it forward to any relevant editors for consideration and get back to you. Simple as that!

Contact Me!

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