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Feat Car: Brett Russell's Holden LX Torana

Big-Block LX Torana Hatch

This was actually the second time I’d had the luck to get Brett Russell’s incredible big-block-powered Holden LX Torana hatch in front of my lens. The first time was some six or seven years ago for the cover of Xtreme Holdens magazine.

Outwardly, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the car hadn’t changed much in that time, however Brett has further refined the car since its original photo shoot. Today, it’s a great car to drive and has more torque than any mere mortal should probably ever hope to have in a car as nimble as this LX.

On paper, the car boasts 427-cubic-inches of alloy Merlin-based beauty. This is topped with 11.3:1-comp- CNC-ported heads and 750cfm Quick Fuel carbs that replace the original – and admittedly troublesome -EFI setup. 

There’s a raft of chassis and suspension mods under the car that stiffen things up and make it handle like the car is on rails. It’s a complete package and totally worthy of its place within the hallowed pages of Street Machine.


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Feature Car: Anthony's PROWOG Holden Torana

Anthony’s PROWOG Holden Torana. Over the course of 11 years, Sydneysider Anthony Terkalas has built one of the more insane Holden Toranas that I’ve had the pleasure of shooting. Known as PROWOG, the LJ Torana is even now still in the fine tuning process of getting down the track in its fastest possible state – but the specs speak for themselves.

Based around a massive methanol-sucking 540ci big-block and full-chassis, the combo also boasts a huge 118mm Precision turbo. It’s backed by a two-speed TH400 and sheet metal 9in rear. But really, the photos probably do it better justice than me rattling off some tech specs.

My photo shoot on the car was featured in the October issue of Street Machine magazine.

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Feature Car: Lee Payne's 1971 Chevrolet Camaro

Not many people can lay claim to a first-time build of the quality that this 1971 Chevrolet Camaro exhibits. From front to back, top and the bottom, Lee Payne’s second-gen’ Chevrolet Camaro is all class (and plenty of grunt).
The car landed a coveted Summernats Top 60 spot as a reward for all his hard work – much of which was done in the shed at home with minimal tools and plenty of hard graft.
It runs a 540ci Dart-based big-block, backed by a T400 and a braced 9in. Dressed in a unique Miami Blue hue complete with ’70s-perfect vinyl roof, the coupe is damned-near perfect and appeared in the June 2020 issue of Street Machine.


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