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Customs 4 Cancer: Harley Davidson Raffle Bike

I haven’t photographed many motorcycles over the last few years. The number of magazines has dropped and budgets have continued to fall, so I went where the money still is instead. I really like shooting bikes, though. They’re usually easier for a start: smaller panels, smaller in general. That means less worry about reflections and the size of your locations.
Either way, I enjoyed shooting this custom Harley CVO from Norm Fraser’s. It’s being raffled off by Customs 4 Cancer soon, so hit them up for your chance to win it.
For the enthusiastic shooters out there, I lit this with a single flash in a large strip box and multiple hits, composited in Photoshop. There’s also a single bare flash hit from the left that is adding a bit of fill on the metallic grey paintwork. I would have done it in my usual fashion with an LED panel and long exposures, but the location was too bright. By using flash, I could run a much shorter exposure time and make the location seem darker than it was – helping the bike to pop.


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