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Feature Car: Glenn Smith's 1979 Ford F100

Classic trucks are huge in Australia right now. Last time I asked Graeme at Down Town Kustoms what his forward bookings looked like for the next couple of years, he said it was all trucks! Ryan over at United Speed Shop says it’s a similar story for him.
They’re coming in all sorts of styles, too. I’ve photographed some absolute show-stopping stunners over the last few years, as well as some examples with more patina for that ‘get in and drive’ feel.
Glenn Smith’s awesome 1979 Ford F100 falls into the latter category. However, that rough and ready aesthetic is only skin deep: peer under the snake-belly-low sill panels and you’ll find that this ’79 F-truck is hiding a whole lot under that old paintwork.
Down Town Kustoms computer designed and built an entirely new chassis for Glenn Smith’s 1979 blown Ford F100, as well as airbag suspension and floor pan. It’s literally more ‘new car’ than classic and is based around a 315kW Aussie Ford Miami supercharged, quad-cam V8.
My photo shoot (which coincidentally took place the same day as my shoot of Peter Sharp’s mind-blowing HQ Monaro on the cover of the same issue) appeared in the July 2021 issue of Street Machine.


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