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Cover Car - Eddie and Younan's Ford XE Fairmont

1300hp Barra XE Ghia

It’s a very good day to be a car photographer when you get to shoot not one, but two gorgeous and extremely potent street cars in one go. The main cover star in the April 2024 issue of Street Machine was Eddie and Younan’s 1300hp Barra-powered XE Fairmont Ghia.

This car is a bold, modern and vibrant statement on wheels. It’s taken chances on colour choice as well as breaking from the mold with the engine choice. Somehow, it all works really well and the shoot looked great in the front of the magazine.

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Feature Car: Adam Francica's Ford Fairmont

451ci 825hp Street Weapon

This isn’t the first time Adam Francica’s gorgeous blue Ford Fairmont has been in front of the cameras for Street Machine magazine. It first appeared back in 2007 when Adam was still a teenager.

Plenty has changed since then, with the car undergoing an almost complete rebuild. It now boasts an 825hp naturally-aspirated 451ci Clevor setup and beautiful attention to detail.

I photographed the car in Adam’s then-brand-new shed before any tooling or cabinets had been installed – a rare thing!

The November issue of Street Machine is currently still on sale. Go grab a copy now and read the whole story. 

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