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Feature Car: Anthony Saf's VK Commodore

Blown LS-Powered and Blingin'

I last ran into Anthony Saf some eight years ago when I photographed one of his earlier builds (also a VK) for the front cover of Street Commodores magazine. Both cars have distinct personalities, however both are powered by supercharged LSx-variants.

Whereas the last car was a comparatively subdued-looking gunmetal HDT-clad beast with an LSA-style forced induction setup, this latest build takes a custom Brock path – although it’s well-enough removed from being a Blue Meanie clone to keep things interesting.

perhaps the biggest element with this car is the use of gold plating and lowrider-style engraving, as you can see in the photos.

My shoot appeared in the May issue of Street Machine.

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Feature Car: Jason Mackenzie's 1967 Camaro

8/71-Blown 489ci Big-Block Camaro

Off the road for 19 long years after a catastrophic engine failure on the burnout pad at Kandos, Jason Mackenzie’s brilliant candy green 1967 Chevrolet Camaro makes a stunning return to the scene – bigger and better than ever.

My photo shoot on the car appeared in the April 2024 issue of Street Machine magazine. The attention to detail throughout the entire car made the shoot a great experience and I reckon it came out looking fine in print.

Powered by a astoking 8/71-blown 489ci big-block, it’s a monster machine that sacrifices nothing in the way of aesthetics for horsepower. 

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Feature Car: Eddie's 2000hp HQ Monaro

Twin-Turbo Big-Block HQ Monaro

Sometimes things are just meant to be. Originally commissioned to photograph Eddie and Younan’s Barra-powered Falcon for the May issue of Street Machine, Eddie casually dropped into conversation the existence of “my other car”.

What exactly WAS that other car? Oh, just a twin-turbo big-block-powered HQ Monaro making over 1700hp and capable of some 2000! 

A quick chat with the team at SM and all of a sudden I had a two-car shoot on my hands – and the result turned out very nicely. 

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Cover Car - Eddie and Younan's Ford XE Fairmont

1300hp Barra XE Ghia

It’s a very good day to be a car photographer when you get to shoot not one, but two gorgeous and extremely potent street cars in one go. The main cover star in the April 2024 issue of Street Machine was Eddie and Younan’s 1300hp Barra-powered XE Fairmont Ghia.

This car is a bold, modern and vibrant statement on wheels. It’s taken chances on colour choice as well as breaking from the mold with the engine choice. Somehow, it all works really well and the shoot looked great in the front of the magazine.

Check out the gallery for more.

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Front Cover: Eddie and Younan's XE Falcon

Barra XE and 2000hp TT BBC Monaro

I snagged some page space in the April issue of Street Machine with three feature shoots and some event coverage from the Taildraggers show. I’ll bring galleries from the photo shoots here very soon! Check back. 

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Feature Car: Al's Custom Morris Minor

217hp 1330cc Supercharged Morris

Al’s Custom Morris Minor may appear like any beautifully-restored Morris you’ve seen before, perhaps save for the Continental kit on the back. However, it’s actually packing a massive amount of custom work that’s purposely been created to fool all but the most diehard British car fans.

I shot the car for the new issue of Street Machine magazine, which is one sale this week! This little blown 4-banger is amazine. Be sure to pick up a copy and read all about it. 

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Cover Car: Tim's 1000hp Ford Falcon

1000hp Blown and Injected Cover Star

I got to end the year with a bang, shooting my second front cover in a row for Street Machine magazine. Not yet seen by the public at the time, the car was unveiled at Summernats this month.

Stay tuned for some more images from the shoot soon. 

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Front Cover: Street Machine 2023 Yearbook

Rob's 615ci Monster LX Torana Hatch

I got a nice Xmas surprise in the mail yesterday! The new issue of Street Machine goes on sale today and features my shoot on Rob’s ballistic Sonny’s-powered Torana hatch on the cover!
Grab your copy today and check it out. 
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Feature Car: Adam Francica's Ford Fairmont

451ci 825hp Street Weapon

This isn’t the first time Adam Francica’s gorgeous blue Ford Fairmont has been in front of the cameras for Street Machine magazine. It first appeared back in 2007 when Adam was still a teenager.

Plenty has changed since then, with the car undergoing an almost complete rebuild. It now boasts an 825hp naturally-aspirated 451ci Clevor setup and beautiful attention to detail.

I photographed the car in Adam’s then-brand-new shed before any tooling or cabinets had been installed – a rare thing!

The November issue of Street Machine is currently still on sale. Go grab a copy now and read the whole story. 

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Cover Car: Tim Laidler's HSV SV88

14/71-Blown 540ci HSV SV88

Tim Laidler’s insane HSV SV88 mixes rare HSV genes with stupendous mechanical prowess to forge something truly nutty.

It boasts the same slightly-odd two-tone metallic blue paint as the original, as well as a modified OEM-style trim… but the similarities end there. Gone is the Holden V8, replaced by a monster 540ci big-block, crowned by a mechanical injected 14/71-blown setup that Tim says he can remove to use the car on the street.

The mag is still on sale now, so go grab a copy today and read all about the build! 

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