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Feature Car: Phil Kerjean's Holden VC Commodore

Phil Kerjean’s Holden VC Commodore wagon is perhaps one of the country’s most recognisable custom cars. There has been a handful of instances where I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to photograph the same car on more than one occasion. To be honest, I think most auto shooters like me would give up their first born to have the chance at photographing a car as iconic as Phil Kerjean’s VC (yes, it’s a VC) Commodore wagon skid car.
I shot it about six years ago in his workshop/shed for the cover of Street Commodores (see it HERE).
I recently got asked to shoot it again for Street Machine magazine and the images appeared in its June 2021 issue. Despite a few touch-ups, which are par for the course for a skid car, the wagon is still looking great!


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