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Feature Car: Fuel Bespoke C1 Corvette

535hp Gen-V Retrotech Beauty

I’m no stranger to John Ward’s prowess with transforming tired old classics into modern day marvels. This is the third incredible creation of his that I’ve been able to photograph. 

The first was a similar (but silver) C1 Corvette. It was running an LS powerplant and all the modern electronics you could think of. The second was a classic BMW coupe that copped similar treatment with a later-model M-series engine and some electronic wizardry.

This time it’s along the lines of that silver C1, except John has taken everything he’s learned and funnelled it into this machine. This black C1 boasts a 535hp LT376/535 crate motor, backed by a 6L80E six-speed auto. UNderneath you’ll find a C4 IFS and IRS setup and there’s enough technology running throughout the car to make your head spin.

The shoot was featured in the OCtober 2022 issue of Street Machine.

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Feature Car: Steve Santos' Holden EJ Wagon

LS-Powered EJ Wagon

Sorry that I’ve been so lax about posting content in here recently. I’ll try and do better in 2023! 

This stunning LS-powered retrotech EJ Holden wagon was originally meant to be a birthday present for Steve’s dad. I posted photos from the Valiant that actually ended up becoming his dad’s surprise gift HERE.

This EJ (yes, it’s an EJ – with EH tail lights) ended up staying in Steve’s shed and boasts a host of upgrades that make it the perfect cruiser, including 6-speed auto’, extensive audio system, power windows and all the mod cons.

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Feature Car: Jason Pellett's HR Holden

Jason Pellett's 1966 HR Holden

I’ve come across a number of car guys like Jason Pellett in my time shooting cars. Indeed, many of them know each other quite well. What type of car guy am I talking about? Prolific self-builders that churn out brilliant street cars like their lives are depending on it.

One of the first cars I ever photographed was Jason’s partner Ashley’s pink Commodore in 2011 or so. More recently I photographed Jason’s clinically-clean white HG Holden sedan and not that long after, Jason let me know he’d just finished another Holden: this LS-powered two-tone HR.

Jason has a certain style to his builds so far: super clean, no unnecessary bling, smooth engine bays and clean interior trims. This grey and black HR Premier sedan is no exception to those rules. It even wears the Showwheels Streeter rims like his old HG did.

What’s most impressive is that all his machines are built in the shed at home. According to Jason “Our projects never leave the shed. We roll them in and they drive out under their own power”.

My photo shoot was featured in the April 2022 issue of Street Machine.

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