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Cover Car: Tim Laidler's HSV SV88

14/71-Blown 540ci HSV SV88

Tim Laidler’s insane HSV SV88 mixes rare HSV genes with stupendous mechanical prowess to forge something truly nutty.

It boasts the same slightly-odd two-tone metallic blue paint as the original, as well as a modified OEM-style trim… but the similarities end there. Gone is the Holden V8, replaced by a monster 540ci big-block, crowned by a mechanical injected 14/71-blown setup that Tim says he can remove to use the car on the street.

The mag is still on sale now, so go grab a copy today and read all about the build! 

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Feature Car: Stefan Tomevski's VL Calais

Top 60, 500rwhp+ RB30 = THEKNG

There’s no doubting the perennial-faveourite status of the VL Commodore/Calais. I’ve been writing about them and photographing them for over 20 years! 

When you see examples like Stefan Tomevski’s THEKNG, respendent in its glossy undercoat grey and red Coulsen-style trim, you can understand why. 

I photographed the 500+hp turbo sedan near Stefan’s home south of Sydney in late 2022 on a cold rainy evening. A shiny new pre-fab concrete industrial building gave us our backdrop and the rest is history.

You can see the shoot and read the story in the January 2023 issue of Street Machine.

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Feature Car: Steve Sterjovski's Holden VL Calais

Steve Sterjovski’s Holden VL Calais wears license plates that pretty much sum up the entire build. From the insane butt-dragging stance and the nutso 22x13in Simmons FR rims to the monster 3.2L RB26-based turbo six that makes some 1000rwhp thanks in part to the massive 94mm Pro Mod turbo – this VL means ‘war’.
Things don’t settle down once you open the door and get in, either. Step inside and you’ll find a cabin drenched in bone leather, complete with cage, custom fibreglass dash and so much more.
The photo shoot was featured in the 2020 Street Machine Yearbook.


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