I’ve had the pleasure of photographing a number of Volkswagen Beetles over the years, but never one of the new generation. So I was pretty excited when I saw Lexus Aplin’s 2013 Volkswagen Beetle sitting with its belly on the ground at the 2019 VW Nationals. A call to Craig at VWMA secured the car a feature story and we got to work arranging a photo shoot.
With an extensive Maxton body kit, Airlift 3P Performance Suspension kit and TSW Sebring wheels, Lexus Aplin’s 2013 Volkswagen Beetle is completely transformed from the tired stocker it was when Lexus found the car. Inside, a Sirocco R interior makes things far more sporty and the whole car gets more oopmh thanks to a Stage 1 APR tune and intake upgrade that nets the car around 30kW extra power. Further improvements come from a custom 2.5in cat-back exhaust.
My photos were features in issue 64 of VW Magazine Australia.


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