I’ve been lucky enough to photograph a few of the vehicles to roll out of the Image Conversions doors, including the 1000hp Barra-powered XM Falcon on the cover of the December 2020 issue of Street Machine and Michael Ellard’s own LS-powered Rodeo minitruck.
In a similar vein, Image Conversions’ Chev Camaro, belonging to ‘David’, packs plenty of punch in numerous categories: power, handling, looks and wow-factor. Perhaps the most notable thing about the car is its choice of power plant: a Mercury Marine 7L SB4 (meaning small-block, 4-valves per cylinder). It’s an LS7 bottom end with unique twin-cam heads that costs a ton, but produces a reliable 750hp with 11.7:1 compression and even sounds unique.
Underneath, there’s an Art Morrison Corvette-style front end and a matching Art Morrison IRS at the back. The shoot on Image Conversions’ Chev Camaro was featured in the April 2021 issue of Street Machine.


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