Peter Sharp’s Holden HQ Monaro, known as SHQRP, has been in the build now for around a decade. I photographed the car in bare metal around six years ago for its owner on a trip to the team at Down Town Kustoms. The wait has been worth it.
This is no ordinary HQ Monaro. While its front end may be divisive, there’s no disputing the incredible innovation and attention to detail to be found no matter where you look. From the exterior with its coach-built steel wide body to the custom chassis, floor pan and airbag suspension… right through to its award-winning interior that uses bits from a late-model Commodore – Peter Sharp’s Holden HQ Monaro is truly one of a kind and a piece of automotive art that’s been built to drive.
There’s simply too much to list properly, suffice it to say that you can see and read all about it in the July 2021 issue of Street Machine.


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