Ryan Pearson’s Holden Premier – aka HOLDON – is a legend on the Aussie burnout scene. Formerly dressed in a sinister black suit, Ryan recently did a ground-up rebuild on the car after torching the rear half of the car in competition.
Now wearing a luminous DNA Emerald Green metallic, the Premier looks part show car, part skid monster with the large rear tubs housing a set of 20x12in billets (not used in competition, as you could imagine) and that big blower hat sticking through the bonnet.
The blower hat connects to a 1360hp dry-sumped, 377ci small-block and 8/71 supercharger. It sounds mental sitting at 9000rpm while cutting hoops, but Ryan says he’s even pushed the engine to 10,300rpm previously without issue!
My photo shoot on Ryan Pearson’s Holden Premier was featured in the August 2021 issue of Street Machine.


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