388ci Dart Turbocharged LS Torana

It can be very hard to stand out from the crowd when it comes to building a Torana. Generally, it’s all been done before. And while it sits there on a set of Simmons FRs in a suit of dark metallic red, you’d think the exterior combo would make Rocky Sarkis’ LH blend into the mass as well, but the execution is perhaps what sets it apart.

The stance, for a start, it not messing about. It sits perfectly. The diameter and offset of those 20x10s. The subdued – kinds of mature looking – dark red and lack of flares… it all combines to make this Torana seem head and shoulders above so many others.

Open the bonnet and you’re faced with a 388ci Dart-based LS force fed by a big BW S480 turbo. The combo hasn’t been fully pushed yet (Rocky has only recently welcomed his first child), but it’s fair to say the combo will be good for some serious numbers.

With it’s simple satin balck aesthetic, it’s again, seemingly more mature and refined. The same thing happens inside, where a brownish-tan leather and suede interior, complete with a few billet additions makes for a serious, adult cabin. It’s almost like some foreign exotic housed within a humble 70s Aissue shell.

The shoot appeared in the July 2023 issue of Street Machine.